Digital Technology as an impact on Art

I would say: Digital Technology + Art = Digital ART!!

Do you agree?

I would say digital technology has transformed traditional activities such as painting, drawing and sculpture to new forms of ART – what we call “Digital ART”!

Before we discuss about digital art, let’s look at some forms of art before the arrival of digital art.

Prehistoric Art

Prehistoric Art





Now let’s look into a form of modern day art: digital art. We actually can get most forms from an art genre known as New Media Art. New Media Art comprises of digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art technologies, computer robotics, and art as biotechnology. The following are the areas of discipline for New Media Art:

  • Artistic computer game modification
  • Ascii Art
  • Bio Art
  • Computer art
  • Digital art
  • Digital poetry
  • Tradigital art
  • Electronic art
  • Evolutionary art
  • Generative art
  • Hacktivism
  • Information art
  • Interactive art
  • Internet art
  • Net art
  • Performance art
  • Radio art
  • Robotic art
  • Software art
  • Sound art
  • Systems art
  • Video art
  • Virtual art

In the next post, we will look more into New Media Art… Stay tuned…


~ by itechsquad on March 14, 2009.

19 Responses to “Digital Technology as an impact on Art”

  1. One interesting point here is that although the original art that was the source of your presentation was not digital, the final art you did present was digital.

    Oh, and don’t forget machinima.


  2. thanks a lot.

  3. Great post…
    Digital art change my perspective and tecnique
    Love and light

  4. Oh yea, Just look at art works made from Maya software, Illustrator8, and photoshop,many other art editers out there.

    All these are great art tolls. Pick um and go for it. Art is, well Godly…

  5. I have been working more in the gray areas. If I take a painting and do some manipulation with digital tech, what is my work called now? Or how about if I arrange my underdrawing on the computer and then transfer it to canvas? I look for a happy middle ground between traditional and digital. Look foward to your follow-up.

  6. Great post. Thanks.

  7. I have been working in digital traditional art since 1995. Its good to see that acceptance for this art form is finally coming into the forefront.

  8. Nice post, I am a digital painter, trying to promote that as a legitimate branch of the painting tradition…not easy, especially in the stuffy gallery environment!

  9. You’ve been Invaded by TEEM!

  10. I don’t like the term digital art because the term is way too broad. In visual arts you have a lot of use of digital (although still probably under 50%) but in other art fields almost every work being created uses digital (examples: music, games, film).

  11. I think of the term digital in the way that it describes the process.I really dont care for the term computer artist. Thats super generic.The bigger issue is why is it that digital fine art has less acceptance and no one questions musicians who use technology to create their art or gamers or film people for that matter.

  12. I completely agree. My mother seems to think I’m “cheating” by using the computer to paint. Despite the fact that she actually bought me the tablet …

  13. Mmm… it is strange that video is readily accepted as an art form by the “establishment”. And some of the conceptual art I see involves creating nothing from scratch. But “Digital Art” involves creativity and technical skill, and yet, and yet… many people still have reservations about digital art. Maybe it’s just a matter of time.

  14. I absolutely agree! Technology…computers, synthesisers, software packages, all serve as a new, diverse and vibrant medium.

    I have also actually thought of Software Development as a form as art. Heck, most developers has a artists temperment and like art, a good software package can’t be rushed.

  15. The human element will never be taken out of art being that technology cannot create original thought . . . we do . . .

  16. finger painting is digital art so nothing new.

  17. *sigh* we’re in for the long haul folks. It’s going to take a lot more time to persuade, convince (bludgeon? lol) our way into legitimacy. Oh well! I suppose we can soothe ourseves by remembering that Monet and all the impressionist, later the cubists, had the same problems – ie the critics of the day thought the introduction of their art was not up to standard.

  18. I’m currently writing a paper on New Media Curation. If you know of any interesting New Media artists please let me know and I’ll check them out.

    The written word would destroy memory, the printing press and photography would destroy painting, the internet will destroy the gallery. None of this has happened it has only expanded our experiences of life.

  19. Nice post! I have written a post myself on digital art and will be writing more in the future if you want to check it out.

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