#Lesson 3 – How to make Ice Text

Welcome to the third lesson on “How to make Ice Text”. Today’s lesson would also be quite fun and the end product is quite cool too. Without any further ado, let’s start the ball rolling… (Adapted from http://www.voidix.com/icetext.html)

Start out by choosing Filter > Render > Clouds. Make sure that your foreground color is white, and your background color black.

ice text tutorial 1

Take your text tool and write whatever you like in large white text. Duplicate your text layer, but hide the duplicate. We will come back to this one later.

ice text tutorial 2

Rasterise your visible text layer by right clicking your text with the text tool, and choosing rasterise. We are now going to apply the wind filter to make an icicle effect. After you have rasterised your layer, merge it to your background by pressing Ctrl+E. Now choose Filter > Stylise > Wind. The filter can only apply the wind in one direction, so we are going to do one side of the text at a time. Choose “from the right” in your wind options menu, and click ok. Your text should be blown to the right, now lets do the other sides. Choose Image > Rotate Canvas > 90 Degrees CW. Press Ctrl+F to reapply the wind effect. Do this to each side of your text, and you should have something like the image below. I applied the wind filter twice to each side, you can do it however many times you like depending on the size of your text.

ice text tutorial 3

Lets make the text stand out a bit more, choose Image > Adjustments > Brightness Contrast. Darken the image slightly and then up the contrast, yours should look like the image below.

ice text tutorial 4

Lets give our text some color. Create a new layer, and change the layer mode to “colour” Change your foreground colour to light blue, and your background to a darker blue. Click on your gradient tool and apply a Radial Gradient to your canvas.

ice text tutorial 5

Now we are going to use that duplicate text layer you have been saving. Control click the layer to give you a selection of your text, create a new layer above everything you have so far, and fill your text with blue gradient. While your still on this new layer, choose Filter > Pixelate > Mosaic. I used a cell size of 7. Your image should look similar to mine.

ice text tutorial 6

To make our text look more “ice cubish” lets sharpen it a bit. Choose Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen. Reapply the filter a few times by pressing Ctrl+F until yours looks similar to mine.

ice text tutorial 7

You’re done! here is how mine turned out.

ice text tutorial 8

Hope you enjoyed it! Practise a few times and you’ll be an expert at this. Don’t forget to leave some comments behind.


~ by itechsquad on March 14, 2009.

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