Microsoft Surface

Hi there! Today we will be talking about a product of Microsoft – Microsoft Surface (a coffee table!!). Some of us may also know it as Microsoft Milan (its codename). It was first launched on 17 April 2008 at AT&T stores for customer use.

As you can see from the above video, Microsoft Surface is multitouch (touchscreen). Did you know that it is capapable of responding up 52 touches, WOW!! It has a 360-degree user interface, a 30-inch reflective surface with a XGA DLP projector underneath the surface which projects an image onto its underside, while five cameras in the machine’s housing record reflections of infrared light from objects and human fingertips on the surface. The surface is capable of object recognition, object/finger orientation recognition and tracking, and is multi-touch and multi-user. Users can interact with the machine by touching or dragging their fingertips and objects such as paintbrushes across the screen, or by placing and moving placed objects.

How we interact with the coffee table is known as a natural user interface (NUI). Now let’s look at the specifications of this fabulous table!

  • Up to Intel Core Quad Xeon “WoodCrest” @ 2.66GHz
  • Up to 4GB DDR2-1066 RAM
  • Up to 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive

It also has a custom motherboard form factor about the size of two ATX motherboards.

Well, after knowing so much about this table, aren’t you tempted to own one yourself? I dare tell you that you’d probably not buy this coffee table. Why? After looking at the price… My friend, it costs approximately US$10,000!! What a beautiful figure, isn’t it! Well, let’s all wait for the price to drop as you know, tech stuff always do! That’s all folk! Please give your honest comment about this post so that there’s always an improvement. See ya! 🙂


~ by itechsquad on March 19, 2009.

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